About Us

At FixitRate.com we don’t want to be known as a lead generation source for contractors or a contractors list for homeowners. We want to be known as a work platform that connects quality contractors with homeowners at the most reasonable price for that homeowner’s personal budget. We understand that for a small business any cost to conduct business is still overhead. While there are many websites that can provide a list of contractors there are not any that protect the best interest of both parties. Most sites protect the consumers by doing insurance and background checks, but is that really protecting the consumer? What about the small contractor that doesn’t get paid by a homeowner? Who protects them when a $3,000.00 could be the difference in that contractor feeding their family that month or filing bankruptcy? WE DO! FixitRate.com looks out for the best interest of both parties by collecting the money from the homeowner, making sure the project is completed with the best quality, and making sure the contractor gets paid for their services. When the project is over the homeowner and the contractor will rate each other to make it completely fair for both parties. In addition to that we have one more quality that sets us apart from any other site or contractor source. If the homeowner is on a limited budget they can even name their price by making it a “Fixed Rate” project or if they aren’t sure how much something would cost simply post a project for “Bid” to receive pricing and portfolio pictures of everyone that bids on the project.

At FixitRate.com you’re not limited to only companies that charge premium rates because we all know not everyone will be able to afford those types of contractors after all life’s mishaps are usually at the worst time possible financially. With FixitRate.com you can find the same quality contractors that are willing to provide their services as an individual which we call Independent Contractors. The choice is up to the consumer because we believe the consumer should have the choice to choose the right contractor for their budget. That is why we have Service Providers which are our insured and incorporated companies and our Independent contractors which are individuals that are skilled but not insured and incorporated. The consumer can choose either one to quote on a project or they can choose to receive bids from both. This will give them a clear comparison on pricing and quality to make the best choice for their home and their budget.

With the experience of our board and employees we have over 120 years of combined experience in Real Estate, finance, business development, medical, commercial construction, residential construction, and project management. We want to help homeowners with their home improvements and help small contractors grow developing lifelong relationships built on quality and trust!